Measuring tubes for purpose machines

For the purpose machines we design and manufacture, we also make measuring tubes of different sizes and connections according to DIN and ANSI standards.

They can be DIN (PN10-64) or even ANSI 150-300 pressure class.

In terms of material quality, our customers can also choose from several options: 1.4307 (AISI304L) 1.4404 (316L) 1.4571 (315Ti) or even 1.4828 (309) and 1.4539 (904L); taking into account the place and method of use, while complying with international standards.

IMG 7965 IMG 7966

The measuring tubes are suitable for accurate pressure measurement of valves, fittings, pumps on the suction and discharge side.

They always have the same diameter on the outlet and inlet side, which ensures that the dynamic pressure difference is zero.